Shamanism Läk + Ande Krafter

Betyg: 10 av 10.

Betyg: 10 av 10.

Holograpic Kinetics Can assist to clear:

*Attempted Suicide or Self-harm

*Emotional or Compulsive Disorders

*Anger, Guilt or Violence issues

*Voices in the head

*Depression, Fear, Shame, Anxiety

*Pain, Anguish or Trauma

*Drug or Alcohol dependency issues

*PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

*Physical, Emotional or Sexual abuse

*Repeat offenders or Stuck in time

*Tourette Syndrome

*Paranormal activity

*Relationship issues

*Lack of Confidence

*Blocks to Success

*Inter-generational Trauma

*Interdimensional interference

& Much more

Betyg: 10 av 10.